Muzaffer Akyol & Gaye Su Akyol


5-28 February 2019


EKAV / Education, Culture and Research Foundation hosts Muzaffer Akyol and Gaye Su Akyol who are reunited for their third joint exhibition “Two Birds in The Ocean of Imagination” in which different materials are brought into play in addition to canvas paintings.

Two Birds in the Ocean of Imagination is an imaginary cosmos of a father and daughter with their shared history and blood ties who were born at different times in the same geographical area and witnessed the last quarter century in tandem; two separate narrative styles – two independent generations – build their “counter-realities” against the suffocating reality dictated by the power. It is a practice of identifying new symbols tracing their native culture without giving in to alienation; fighting against the disruption of the concrete world and its political chaos; defending the dreams with poetry, colors and music; transforming a conservative world with those collective dreams, building up a counter-reality.

In Gaye Su Akyol’s works, women redefine the power, desire and change in conspiring solidarity through an intense atmosphere and rebel against gender roles.

In Muzaffer Akyol’s works, the movement, transformation and cry of the universe emerge in the form of pomegranate. Spilled pomegranates, the large cake shared at the wolves’ table are omens of the challenging political season.

Two Birds in the Ocean of Imagination set sail for high seas from a non-oceanic territory, transforming the existing reality and presenting new possibilities while revealing related yet independent compositions of imagination and possibilities.


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