Sezin Aksoy “Transpersonal”

9 April - 4 May 2019


EKAV / Education, Culture and Research Foundation will host Sezin Aksoy’s 4th personal exhibition Transpersonal at Ekavart Gallery between April 9th and May 4th, 2019, displaying paintings she recently produced using mixed media, installation and performance art. In Transpersonal, artist is questioning every figures mind, body and soul process in the frame of time, space and consciousness by her wide use of color and symbols in various kinds of art medium.

“Transpersonal” is a term used to describe areas of consciousness extending beyond the limits of personal identity in which it becomes an expression of spirituality during one’s search in self-discovery. While Aksoy is discovering every being’s unity by extending beyond itself in the search of spirituality, she is questioning its form and space on her large size canvases. Through installation art to performance art by using color and symbols Sezin Aksoy is displaying a person in trans searching its own spirit, and also decoding consciousness that extends beyond an exhibition hall for the gaze of the viewer.

Sezin Aksoy is looking at iconas, totems and shamanism in order to understand present-day humans search of spirituality and sharing the story behind her art by representing her recent novel during this exhibition. In her future performance art, she will call into question the state of meditative mind by presenting her viewers different facets of consciousness.


About Sezin Aksoy

Born in 1981, İstanbul artist completed her baccalaureate degree in business, and furthered her education in post-baccalaureate degree in fine arts at the School of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in 2007. She gave her first solo exhibition in Ekavart Gallery in 2010, her second exhibition Transmutation in 2012 and her third exhibition Transcendental in 2013 at Chalabi Gallery.


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