EKAV-ARTIST New Generation 7

22 November 2022 – 10 February 2023 

EKAV / Education, Culture and Research Foundation, with the 31st year of its establishment, continues to support art education in Turkey by granting scholarships to students who study in Fine Arts departments of various universities and succeed in different disciplines. “EKAV-ARTIST New Generation 7” which is the seventh of the series is being presented with a subtitle as “Transformation” at the Ekavart Gallery.

This year, Haydar Akdağ is curating the exhibition, which consists of the works of 19 new generation artists, each of whom progresses by producing under all conditions, on the way to becoming important artists of the future in their field. The name of the exhibition “transformation” experiences the act of dreaming and transforming by dreaming on the ground of the artist’s world of creation civilization|dream|history of mythology.

The approach of young artists from different disciplines, who question the ambiguous time between the past and the future, in absolute space, is the beginning of the creation of a new ‘gene’. “Dream” here is a beginning, a journey. The definition of the universe, this time in the hands of the artist, arises from the set of questions that trigger the dream. The essence of the act of thinking; with or without context; focusing on the world of “thing or things”, which will transform from the first question to an endless pile of questions, the exhibition invites the audience to dream. 

Artists taking place in exhibition are: Aybike Keskin, Ceyhun Topçu, Çiğdem Yıldırım, Dilara Mataracı, Doruk Paksoy, Durmuş Bahar, Elara Esmer, Emrah Önal, Ferhad Salman, Funda Alkan, Handan Akarsu, Melike Kılıç, Mert Çıkılmazkaya, Muzaffer Tuncer, Özge Kahraman, Özge Tan, Sesil Beatris Kalaycıyan,Sevda Alat ve Şerife Gül Çakmak.

Curator: Haydar Akdağ