“ Am I in Love or What? ”

EKAV / Education, Culture, and Research Foundation is hosting İnci Ertuğ‘s 16th solo exhibition titled
“Am I in Love or What? (Aşık Mıyım Neyim?)” at Ekavart Gallery between February 7th – 29th, 2024,
featuring her recent mixed media works and sculptures created for the first time exclusively for this

Love and art are two powerful concepts for exploring the most profound and fascinating aspects of
human life. The relationship between these two concepts nourishes each other, contributing to the
enrichment, deepening and expression of human emotions and experiences. Both shape the
fundamental elements of human existence, provide spiritual depth and give meaning to life. Art follows
the traces of love, explores the inner world of human beings and opens these experiences to social

For İnci Ertuğ, instinct is sufficient in art, as in love, because painting, as Picasso said, “Painting is a blind
man’s profession. He paints not what he sees, but what he feels, what he tells himself about what he
has seen.”

While layers emerge in her works as if to cover each other, in her collages she tries to make us think
and direct us to the truth through contrasts. Painting is like a silent poem for the artist, a colorful
reflection of her inner world. The references she takes from life find expression in the colors of his

Creating art is the artist’s way of expressing emotions, and to walk on this artistic journey is to
experience the most intense and passionate forms of love. What is reflected on her canvases and the
colorful kaleidoscope in her dreams is a manifestation of the excitement within. Moments when she
wonders, “Am I in love or what?” serve as a reminder of how crucial instinct is in both art and love.

The selection of the artist’s paintings and sculptures from the last year and a half can be seen at Ekavart
Gallery until February 29th, 2024.